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August 28, 2019
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August 28, 2019

Asafo Flag

Fante people, Ghana, W. Africa

The Fante people adopted the imagery of European flags, naval ensigns and military regalia in pre indepdence, 1957 Ghana. Here the appliqué shows an interpretation of the British Union Jack. The twinning of a proverb with a visual image is central to the art of the Fante. In this case the charming image of the chicken and her young: “the mother hen protects her chicks”. The vertical design is rarer amongst these most collectable of African textiles.

Material: Cotton appliquéd, conserved and mounted on a stretcher

  • Size: 92×128 cm
  • Age: C. pre 1957
  • Item No: 106A
  • Price: P.O.A