Breast / Shoulder cloth (Anteng or ceriksongket endek)
December 2, 2019
Hip cloth (Kait Panjang)
December 2, 2019

 Women’s head cloth or shoulder cloth

Minangkabau people, Tanah Datar, W. Samatra

The Minangkabau, both men and women, wear songket during ceremonies, births, marriages, deaths and elections of the leaders of the clans. This very finely woven cloth, would have been worn by an older woman, as the colours are toned down from the strong reds of the unmarried girls and newly-wed women. The gold is also used only on the border.

  • Material: Indigo, dyed cotton, silk and gold metal thread
  • Size: 58×224 cm
  • Age: Late 19th C
  • Item No: 7/21
  • Price: P.O.A